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Digital Rights Management

Protect what matters to you most with our digital rights managements.

Without the right digital rights protection, uploading your music online puts it at risk!

Should I copyright my music?
Setting up the right copyright protection on your music is vital. When your music is protected, it can be kept safe from unauthorized use and ensure that you receive the royalties that you are owed. Leaving your digital content unprotected leaves it at risk. This is why we offer digital rights management and protection for free!

When you distribute your tracks with Identity Music, every single track you distribute is assigned a unique fingerprint identification that we can keep careful watch over. The service is customisable, working to your requirements so that you can monetize, protect and keep your property. If you are ever unsure about copyright laws and licenses, your A&R Manager will always be on hand to support you.

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Protect your rights


At Identity Music, we have the most innovative software that allows us to track your sound. We believe that your sound is your personality, your existence and your identity. It should always remain your property, safe from unauthorised use. When your music is distributed, our digital rights management team are able to trace the track’s unique fingerprint all over the world. With this technology, we can monitor any attempts to copy your content, and put a stop to any copyright infringements. We work to keep your identity yours and fight to ensure you retain control over how your music is used and listened to.


Identity Music is not only able to protect your sound, but also your brand. When you generate albums and tracks, the imagery you use becomes the music’s identification. We offer protection against all of your digital content. We can ensure the right copyright protection for artwork, video content, imagery and so much more. It is important that you have comprehensive protection over all content in the public domain. We supply full protection across multiple platforms and all countries to ensure that your music rights are safe. By safeguarding your music, we can help ensure your identity remains yours.

The proccess to copyright with us.

How to copyright your music...


Create unique content that you want to share with the world! Upload your music to our distribution portal and we will take it from there!


We will assign a unique tracking identity to your content and monitor it, making sure it’s never used without your consent.


Choose wether you want to take your content down when it’s used elsewhere, leave it up or monetise it!


Put your feet up and watch the royalties roll in, safe in the knowledge that your content is protected.

We're always ready to protect your digital rights.

Identity Music’s digital rights team are here to represent songwriters, publishers and composers. We ensure that you are credited for your creations and are committed to protecting the value of music and video online. Our rights management team makes tackling piracy and fighting to keep your music yours the top priority.

Youtube provides a Content ID service which enables you to take control of your intellectual property. Using reference files, you can utilise the system and decide if you would like to: 1. TRACK matched content to understand the audience that is watching/listening to it. 2. MONETIZE upon the content reuploaded to make sure you are credited monetarily or BLOCK / TAKEDOWN content that has been reuploaded by other users to make sure that it's consumed where you want it seen.
Facebook Rights Manager allows you to control the use of your content across both Facebook and Instagram. Upload reference files and decide upon how you want your content to be, or not to be used across their platforms. Identity Music will dial in your match criteria, making sure that all of your content is found and dealt with.
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