Identity Music
gives artists and labels the
tools for success.


We believe that every artist should be given the best start and access to all of the best opportunities across the globe. We are continuously building upon our network and developing our partnerships to expand opportunities and maximise the potential for success for every artist and label we work with.


Our industry leading software enables our clients to manage their assets, payees and track their distribution in one place. With our advanced analytics reporting feature you can track all the important data in one place to gain insight into your audience and your streaming and revenue trends.

Account Managers

We provide you with a personal account manager who can assist you with all of your distribution needs. You will have regular contact and direct access meaning you can contact your account manager to provide advice, support and help you meet the changing demands of the industry.


Unlike other distributors, we want to work alongside you, nurture you and help you grow throughout every stage of your career. We don’t want you to ever stop flourishing. We have live chat systems, personal account managers and blogs full of the latest industry news to keep you in the know.

“People have great talent and great taste, now, they need great options” - Daniel Warren, Managing Director

Identity Music was created in 2019 with one goal: To bring a client-focused music distribution service to the table. The music industry is saturated with large distributors that place customer service on the back-burner. Here at Identity our clients are our top priority.

That’s why Identity was founded on an innovative model that excludes charging excessive and unnecessary fees for distribution and promotion. We focus on bringing a personalised music distribution service that is built around our client needs, not our own.

We believe that the best way to sell music online is through a team, and a company, that works alongside you.

We are extremely passionate about helping people and proud of our efficient client support system and team. We have a dedicated front of house support team who are available to support artists and labels with any needs.

You can read about who they are below!

Alex Thomas

A&R Manager

Alex Thomas, a seasoned professional in the dynamic world of Digital Rights Management and the music industry, is a key pillar of our team. With an extensive history in the intricacies of music rights, he's perfectly poised to lead our A&R team, steering the way for independent artists to transform their artistic passion into profitable success.

Tom Fallon

A&R Assistant

With a background deeply rooted in music, Tom brings with him years of experience in producing his very own releases, making him a connoisseur of musical talent. He is not just a 'scout' but a mentor, helping to guide and shape the careers of fresh, innovative and talented artists who are ready to make their mark on the ever growing music industry.

Alex Knight

Client Services Manager

As a fellow musician, Alex possesses a unique perspective that allows him to understand artist's aims. He knows precisely what our clients are seeking and exactly what it takes to propel their careers to the next level. His adeptness in advising on music distribution is second to none, making him an indispensable asset for those he works with.

Kirsten Bennett

Business Development

Kirsten has been with Identity Music since the very beginning, keeping the wheels turning and the team on track! As an expert in all things client facing, problem solving, operational planning and employee relations, Kirsten is the all-rounder that supports each and every department here. Feel free to connect with Kirsten on Linkedin or pop on our live chat.

Ross Hyland

Marketing Manager

With over seven years of experience in the world of sales and marketing, Ross brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to our team. He's a marketing master, and his motivation for the industry is rooted in his profound and life-long love for the craft.

Keiran Johnson

Operations Manager

Keiran's passion for data is unrivaled, making him the perfect choice to lead our Operations team. He thrives on troubleshooting, researching, and resolving any challenges that come his way, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for artists and clients alike.

Jessica Cox

Client Management

Jessica dedicates herself to handling the intricate technical aspects of music distribution. She's the one ensuring that your music embarks on a seamless journey, traveling across the world to reach the ears of eager listeners.

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Daniel Warren

Managing Director

Under Daniel's leadership, Identity Music is shaping a new vision for the music industry. This vision is one that stands apart from the traditional norms, rejecting excessive fees and empowering artists to retain the rights to their own music.

Tommy Borruel

Marketing Design Officer

Tommy is the mastermind responsible for crafting the eye-catching visuals that define us.Tommy is the visionary who turns ideas into captivating graphics. His designs breathe life into our vision, making every post, story, and share a work of art.

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Charlotte Hawkins

Publishing Administrator

Charlotte is the hero who keeps our publishing operations working smoothly around here. Her expertise and knowledge are critical to what keeps the gears turning. Versatile and ever-helpful, her agile and proactive approach provides essential support wherever it's needed.

Benjamin Jacquin

Client Management

Ben specialises in being your go-to person when you have questions. He's your trusted source of information and assistance, ensuring that you are always well-informed and confident in the decisions you make about your music.

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All-Round Good Boy

The most important member of the Identity Music team by far is Simba! He tells us that he is a hard-working employee, but he's often found napping on the job. Simba's responsibilities include team motivation and tripping Kirsten over.

Enlist A Team Who Cares!