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Making amazing music takes talent! Let us help your talent be heard by the audience it deserves!

Expand your audience with our Music Promotion Support.

By using our free Promotional Support Service, artists can reach new fans and engage new audiences.

Making amazing music takes talent, but making music is only the start.

You need to continuously be developing your music brand and gaining new fans. You are the expert in creating music, we are experts in getting your music out to a wider audience and building your music career. Our Music Promotion team knows all the ins and outs of music marketing, helping you connect with the right audiences.

As a leading Music Distributor, we understand the importance of connecting with the right target audience. We want to see your music go global and we understand that not all artists have the industry connections or know-how to make that happen. As part of our distribution service, you will have access to free music promotion services and support to bolster your digital presence.

The support we give will help you connect with your fanbase, attract new fans and create the best image across your media platforms. We offer promotional support to all of our clients free of charge to help give their music that extra push alongside their own marketing plans.

Live music with thousands of fans.

Playlist Pitching

We work in partnership with the most popular music platforms worldwide to help your music grow on a global scale. Our services are tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients. Using our network of curators and influencers enables our clients to enhance their music opportunities and get added to popular playlists.

Editorial Playlist Pitching

As a trusted music provider, we have a strong reputation for delivering quality music. We can pitch your tracks for editorial playlists on popular platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, and many more. We offer this service to our distribution clients free of charge.

Third Party Playlist Pitching

By using our network of industry contacts, we can push your music to the right people, helping your music reach new heights! We can pitch your music to the biggest influencers, curators and playlists on the most popular platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Increase Your Fans Experience

Music Platform Verification

Help your fans know that you are the real deal! We can help you get verified on the top streaming platforms including; YouTube Official Artist Channels (OAC), Spotify and SoundCloud.

Digital Music Analysis

Understanding your music is the key to success! We can develop a music breakdown to help you discover your strengths and where you could improve your fan-base.

Social Media Verification

Ensure that your fans are able to find your social media when they enjoy your music. Identity Music can apply for you to receive that famous music tick on Instagram or Facebook.

musician developing their sound.

Artist Development & Support

Personal Account Management

We assign all of our artists and labels with personal account managers to handle all of their music distribution needs. Giving you a point of contact you know you can rely on. Our experts in music distribution can guide you through your release and advise how to make your music travel the world.

Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)

Promoting your release can be hard, that is why we offer our clients an EPK template to help them market their music the right way and reach their playlist goals. EPKs are a great addition when pitching your music to curators and influencers to ensure they know about you and your music.

Blog Advice

We regularly share blog articles that will help you build the best marketing strategy and content plan. Our experts use blogging as a platform to share their insights on targeting your key audience demographics, developing your strategies and capitalizing on the latest industry trends. Check out some of our latest articles here: Identity Music Blog!

Spotify Canvas Access

You are a master of creating great music, we understand that you might not have the expertise to transform your music video into a Spotify Canvas to make your release look as premium as it sounds. Our marketing team is more than willing to help you with this.

Artwork Advice

Our in-house designer is an expert at branding and identity. He knows what looks good to your fans and what you need to stand out in a sea of aspiring artists. He can advise you on developing your visual brand to represent who you are and connect with potential fans everywhere.

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