Digital Music Distribution

Our partnerships with the best music streaming platforms mean that your music can be uploaded wherever your fans are!

Distribute your music free from upfront costs.

Identity Music provides independent artists and labels with a fair music distribution service to help them expand their audience. We carefully select all of our clients to ensure that we are working with musicians that we can make a difference to.

Digital Music Distribution is the key to thriving in the music industry. Our easy and reliable service helps you to level up your music career. Whether you are a budding artist, an accomplished musician or an independent record label, Identity Music has the connections to help you!

Distribute your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, TikTok, Instagram and more, reaching new audiences & fans across the biggest global platforms.

Get Online >> Get Heard >> Get Paid!

Digital Music Distribution Features

Global Music Distribution

Our digital music distribution is the perfect solution for expanding your audience and income. We are partnered with more than 60 of the most popular global music platforms. When you distribute your music with us, you gain access to all of our platforms without any additional fees!

Check out all the streaming services and stores we distribute to here: Digital Music Platforms.

No Upfront Or Hidden Fees

Identity Music aims to provide a fully transparent service to all of our artists and record labels. When you distribute with us you will never have to worry about unexpected fees popping up. We don’t charge for UPCs, ISRCs, Release Dates or Collaborator Royalty Splits.

What's the catch? There is none! We are just that good.

Industry Leading Release Times

We know that the sooner your music goes live, the sooner you start generating revenue and building your fan-base. To give your music the best chance of success, we manually review each release. We can submit your release to music platforms within just 3 working days.

You can choose to release ASAP or on a specific date completely free of charge.

Account Management & Support

We provide all artists and labels with an account manager to handle all of your music distribution needs. No question is too big or too small. This allows you to focus your time and energy into making the next big release.

You can contact us through our live chat, email or phone! Our team are here to make your distribution as seamless as possible.

Seamless Distribution Switch

Sometimes your first choice isn’t always the best choice, and that's okay! We can provide you with a free track linking service to keep all of your releases in one place. You keep all of your release streams, data and playlists intact throughout the transition.

Your account manager would be able to arrange all of this on your behalf, making your music distribution even more convenient.

Individually Tailored Services

Identity Music knows that every music artist is unique. That is why when you use our distribution services, you will have a unique music distribution plan to suit you. Our services are continuously developing to meet your needs and the needs of the music industry.

Your account manager will review your music and work with you to develop an individual release plan that suits you.

Our Industry Leading Dashboard!


Understanding your fan base is the key to developing your music career. With our advanced analytics breakdown you can assess your daily trends and daily downloads as well as segment your audience by location and platform to delve in deeper.


We are proud to be a transparent music distributor who believes in empowering their clients. We provide each of our clients with a revenue reporting feature, enabling them to break down and understand their royalties and finances.


You are the expert in creating music. We are the experts at connecting you with the world. We don’t expect you to understand everything about music distribution. Our support team is here to support you through our live support chat features.


Our upload process is user friendly and flexible, allowing you to upload your music with ease. Whether you release a single, album, collaboration or remix, our dashboard follows a simple process to get your music ready to distribute to the world.

What Other Services Do We Provide?

Music Promotion Services

Here at Identity Music we are invested in the success of each and every one of our clients. That is why we extend our distribution services with complimentary music promotion, completely free of charge.

All of our artists are able to request promotional support from our marketing team or their account managers. We help with playlist pitching, social media coverage on our pages, Fan-links and Pre-saves, as well as marketing advice in our weekly blogs.

This support is only available for our music distribution clients to help their music reach a wider audience.

Digital Rights Management

Identity Music believes it is very important to protect all of your releases against copyright infringements, that is why we offer free rights management to all of music our distribution clients.

We assign all tracks distributed with us a digital fingerprint. This unique fingerprint tracks your release and notifies us if the elements are ever copied. When distributing your music, you are able to choose whether to take down a copied release, track it or monetise it, if it is generating money.

This gives our artists peace of mind as their release travels the world gaining more fans and higher revenue streams.

Identity Music Distribution Client On Apple Music

Artist Verification

Making your identity clear through your music platforms and social media profiles is more important than ever! Having an artist profile that is easy to recognise is vital in helping your fans find the real you. We can help our artists get their accounts verified to confirm their identity.

Being verified on social media and music streaming platforms is an important way to show authenticity and credibility your potential listeners. Here at Identity Music, we can help our digital music distribution clients get verified and validate their brand on a number of different platforms.

Verification accounts we can apply for on your behalf, free of charge:
- YouTube Official Artist Channels (OAC)
- Instagram (That Famous Blue Tick)
- Facebook
- Spotify
- SoundCloud

How We Work

Dedicated Client Support

Your talents lie in making the music, ours lie in sharing your music with the world. We want you to have the best resources available, and use them to their fullest extent! Our support team is on hand throughout our business hours to assist you via live chat, email, social media or phone. No question is ever too big, or too small.

Transparent Distribution Services

When you distribute your music with Identity Music, you will know exactly what to expect from the start. You won’t ever be blindsided by unexpected music distribution fees or upload limitations. What you see if what you get! Your personal account manager will develop a release plan with you to ensure you are getting the most from our services.

Personal Account Manager

From the start of your journey with us, we provide you with an account manager who can support you with all of your music release needs. You will have regular contact and direct access to your account manager, and they are on hand for any advice, support or assistance you might need to meet the changing demands of the music industry.

We Are Invested In You

We are an invite-only digital music distributor who only works with carefully selected clients who we believe are a good fit for our team and our services. In order to give you the best access to the biggest platforms, we work on a royalty share scheme meaning you will always be the first to earn from your music and won’t break the bank getting started!


Our Process


You create your music that is true to you! Your music, your style. Whatever it is, we want to hear it!


Apply to join our exclusive music distribution services and get your music out to the world.


We complete a free music review on your music assets, current audience and potential with Identity Music.


Get your music out to more than 60 digital music platforms and start earning! Royalties are a go!

True Worldwide Music Distribution

Reaching a broader audience in many different regions is key to building your career in the music industry. So why limit yourself to just a few select platforms? Identity Music provides a full suite of Music Distribution Platforms, so that you can maximise your potential reach worldwide.

Complete Flexibility

You decide where you want your music to go. If you decide that you would only like to upload your music to spotify, or another individual platform, that’s not a problem! Your music is completely yours and you have the power to control exactly when and where your music releases.

Distribute Your Music Today!