Publishing Administration Services

Publishing Administration Services

Publishing Administration Services

Are you a composer, songwriter, orchestrator, producer, beatmaker or instrumentalist looking for publishing administration services?
Get paid for your work with our publishing administration services.

Get Credited & Claim your Earnings
with Identity Music's
Publishing Administration Services.

This Offer Is Exclusively Available To Identity Music's Existing Distribution Clients Only

Publishing and Distribution significantly play a part in monetising your greatest asset, your sound!

Publishing administration is an exclusive service. Explicitly, this offer is only available to our valued existing clients who currently use our distribution services.

Bringing composers, songwriters and beatmakers to the forefront is our priority in this ever-evolving music industry. Overall, empowering you is part of our commitment to you. Ensuring you are rightfully reimbursed with your earnings from compositions you have played an integral part in creating.

Ready to claim what's rightfully yours?

Publishing Administration - What We Do

Collect Your Royalties Without the Upfront Fees!

Avoid upfront financial burdens and hidden fees. We are transparent which empowers you to make informed decisions to improve stability and avoid nasty surprises.

Wave Goodbye to Administrative Hassles and Worries!

Say farewell to the tedious paperwork and administrative headaches. We streamline the process so you can focus on what you do best. Let us register your publishing royalties for you.

Register Unlimited Songs Through Us - We Have No Limits!

You can register unlimited songs with Identity Music. We want you to get all of the royalties you deserve so if you have distributed the track with Identity, you can claim publishing earnings.

Worldwide Royalty Collection – We've Got You Covered Everywhere!

We claim your earnings globally (120+ countries). We have connections with societies all around the world to ensure that you are not leaving any royalties on the table.

Flexible Terms – Tailor Your Options To Meet Your Needs!

No two artists are the same, so why would your publishing agreement be? Looking to claim from specific territories and claim specific royalties? No problem. We offer flexible terms tailored to you.

Keep Your Rights – Earn From Your Creations!

Your rights will always remain under your control. We never take any rights away from artists, we only empower you to collect all of your hard-earned money from collection societies.

Identity Music Are Always Here To Help!
We Offer Publishing Administration To All Our Music Distribution Clients.


How Music Publishing Administration Works


Create Unique Music True To You! Your Music, Your Style. Whatever It Is, We Want To Hear It And Help You Promote And Protect Your Prized Assets! Then Apply For Us To Distribute It For You!


Get Your Music Out To More Than 60 Major Digital Music Streaming Platforms. Start Earning Royalties! Distribution With Identity Music Makes You Eligible For Our Publishing Services.


Register your songs with collection societies. Whether you are a Composer, Songwriter, Arranger, Orchestrator, Music Producer or Beatmaker get credited for your contributions.


Finally, claim your royalties from your songs. We handle collating your earnings from collection societies

(PRS; BMI; ASCAP; SACEM; SESAC; GEMA; APRA) allowing you to relax.

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Why Choose Identity Music To Handle Your Publishing Administration?

Distribute & Register Unlimited Compositions With Us

We never place a limit on the number of songs you can register with us. We want to ensure you are collecting all of the royalties that you deserve for all of your music.

Keep 100% Of Your Copyright

Retain complete ownership of your creative work. Identity Music believes in empowering artists to boost their music careers without selling their copyright control. Your music should remain in your hands.

We Take Care Of The Admin

Our publishing team is here to ease your admin, we collate as much metadata as possible and handle communications with societies so you can take a break from your PC.

Global Registration For Your Works

Register compositions in over 120+ countries with our publishing administration. We collate your royalties from numerous collection societies and provide you with all of the data in one place.

Free ISWC Generation

Each of your registered works (songs) must have an ISWC code that makes it unique. We believe that you should not have to pay for these codes to be generated before earning.

No Set Up Fees / No Hidden Fees / No Collaborator Fees

Identity Music believes that no one should earn from an artist's music before they do, so we never charge upfront fees. Full transparency is always given with royalties through us so there are no nasty surprises.

Keep 100% Control Of Your Sync Rights

Securing sync rights enables you to license your music for Film, TV and Advertisements! We want you to rest assured that you will always have full control in this exciting scenario and we can help!

Personal Support Available

We pride ourselves on our high standard of support. Using our live chat function, phone lines, email and social channels we aim to make ourselves easily contactable to help you.

Spotify Songwriter Pages

Get access to Spotify Songwriter Pages with Identity Music. Showcase your contributions & get more exposure with a ‘Written By’ playlist! As well as this, get clickable song credits driving listeners to your page!

Claim Earnings From Use Of Your Lyrics

Identity Music can register your lyrics to ensure that you are earning money from the usage of your song lyrics in karaoke, print and merchandise. Claim all of your earnings!

We are allies to independent artists & we want to help you thrive! We are here to represent composers, songwriters & producers with our publishing services.

Count On Us For Publishing Administration

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View Your Earnings On Our Dashboard - Transparent Accounting

We believe that gathering as much data around how your songs earn royalties is super important to growing your music career. We work alongside amazing technology providers to ensure you have access to Publishing data and reporting tools. You will be able to view your statements as well as track how your publishing royalties have been earned.

Understanding Your Publishing Earnings

Have you written a composition or a song? You can collect mechanical royalties (from DSPs, downloads and physical distribution) and performance royalties (from live events, radio ads etc).

'Master rights' consist of digital royalties (from digital radio, podcasts and audiobooks) and recording royalties (from music platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music and Deezer).

Finally, 'sync recordings' (TV Programmes, Movies and Commercial Advertisements) can be claimed royalties from both the 'composition' and the 'master rights' of an original song. All of these royalties can be claimed from collection societies through Identity Music with our publishing administration service.

Unlocking your earnings from 'performing rights organisations' such as; PRS (UK), BMI, ASCAP, SACEM (US), SESAC (FRA), GEMA (GER) & APRA (AUS) couldn't be easier.

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